Adıyaman Container City and Living Area

Immediately after the earthquake on 6 February 2023, which affected 11 provinces centred in Kahramanmaraş, TGSD started to work for short, medium and long term support to heal the wounds of the region. In the first stage, with the support of our members, we delivered emergency supplies, especially clothing, to the region.

The aim of our medium-term efforts was to contribute to the continuation of industry and employment in Adıyaman, one of the most important cities for garment production, and to the economic and social revitalisation of the region. For this purpose, within the scope of the protocol we signed with the Directorate of Adıyaman Organised Industrial Zone, we built 320 containers with kitchen countertops, heaters, hot and cold water installations, electrical installations, water heaters, 2 bunk beds, 4 bed equipments, showers and toilets on a 22.000 m2 area allocated to TGSD right next to Petrol OIZ. We established a container city and living area with a health centre and kindergarten, kindergarten and children's playgrounds next to it.

In addition, we contacted organisations such as IAF, EURATEX, of which we are a member, and global brands to explain our project and to collect donations from our foreign stakeholders to meet some of the needs of the container city and living space.

On the other hand, we met with the representatives of global brands three times, two in Istanbul and one in Adıyaman Container City. We explained that although there was a disruption in production in the region due to the earthquake, our ready-to-wear industry is in a position to fulfil its commitments with its current capacity in Turkey. We explained how important it is for them to establish a balance between their global centres and manufacturers in terms of sustaining the garment industry and employment in the earthquake region. We explained that the continuity of orders will make a significant contribution to the economic and social recovery of the region.

We travelled to Adıyaman many times with national and local press organisations and reported the activities carried out in the region and in the Container City and Living Area on site. We ensured that the interest in the needs of the region, especially Adıyaman, continued.

As TGSD, we visit the families living in Adıyaman Container City and Living Area at short intervals, determine their needs and continue to work with our donors to meet the urgent needs with the donations received.



The women who participated in the project named 'Women's Labour is Valued in Ataşehir' carried out by the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association (TGSD) with Ataşehir Municipality and Pendik Soroptimist Club Association have graduated and started to work.
Ramazan Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TGSD, stated that they develop projects to strengthen the position of women in the society and increase their contribution to the national economy. Emphasising that the ready-to-wear and apparel industry, which manufactures in 81 provinces, assumes an important responsibility in the participation of women in economic life, Kaya said the following:

"More than 60 per cent of the 690 thousand people working in the ready-to-wear and apparel industry are women. We attach great importance to our women's ability to gain economic independence in order to participate in social life under equal conditions. In this context, together with our stakeholders, we provided industrial type flat stitch and overlock machine training to the women participating in our course. Uğur Makine provided industrial type sewing machines to the course. Some of the fabrics needed were provided by our Board Member Çiğdem Mutlu and Taha Giyim. The women who completed their training started to work at Fatto Clothing, owned by Servet Karaalioğlu, a member of our Board of Directors and also a member of the Soroptimist Club."

Ramazan Kaya added that the cloth bags of the 15th Istanbul Apparel Conference to be held in October will also be sewn by the women trainees in this project.



As the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association, we are continuing our efforts for the "TGSD Youth Platform", which we have been planning to realise for a long time, under the leadership of our Vice President Cevdet Karahasanoğlu. We aim to create a platform that will bring the projects and works of the new generation of young people to our sector in order to ensure the sustainability of our sector, which is mostly composed of family companies. In addition, another aim of ours is to support our young people to take an active role in TGSD Management, especially in lobbying activities.

The first work of the TGSD Youth Platform was carried out under the mentorship of Dilek Bil, Sustainability Consultant of our Association, with the aim of realising the ideas and projects of our YOUNG TGSD members on sustainability. Our YOUNG TGSD members also shared the focus topics and goals of their projects, which lasted throughout 2020 and will continue in 2021, with the participants at the 13th Istanbul Fashion Conference.

The second study was carried out in order to contribute to the work initiated within the framework of the cooperation initiated by our Association with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Centre (BÜYEM) in order to analyse the development needs of the Turkish apparel and textile industry in the transformation process and ultimately to establish the TGSD Development Academy. Members of the TGSD Youth Platform shared their ideas and sectoral forecasts at a Search Conference they attended.

In the following period, we expect our 2nd or 3rd generation young people under the age of 35, who are family members of TGSD members, who have at least 2 years of work experience in the sector, to join our platform and share their excitement and creativity with us, and to continue to develop innovative and innovative projects under our mentorship.

As TGSD Family, we are stronger with our members, we believe that we will be much stronger with the participation of young people and we will create the future of our industry together.

TGSD Youth Platform Working Group Leader: Cevdet Karahasanoğlu, TGSD Vice President
TGSD Youth Platform Founding Mentor of Sustainability Focused Working Group: Dilek Bil, Founder of Purpose-Sustainable Ideas



The digital transformation and sustainability investment activities initiated within the framework of the strategic action plan determined by TGSD 3 years ago entered a second phase that will meet the expectations of the new generation in the new normal period that accelerated with the pandemic.

Based on this need, our Education Working Group, under the leadership of Ümit Özüren, initiated a collaboration with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Centre (BÜYEM) to analyse the development needs of the Turkish apparel and textile industry during the transformation process.

In the first stage of our work, we organised a survey for our members to ensure that the training content is created correctly and in accordance with its purpose. In the second stage, we discussed this transformation fiction of our industry, which the Covid-19 pandemic has made inevitable, with the veteran names of our industry, valuable industry representatives and new generation young people (2nd and 3rd generation) at narrowly attended online search conferences. In the light of the opinions emerging from these search conferences, it is aimed to lay the foundations of the TGSD Development Academy. TGSD Development Academy aims to design trainings for senior executives of TGSD member companies and 2nd and 3rd generation young people who are in management in family businesses and to make members benefit from these trainings.



As TGSD, grant mask production was carried out with the awareness of the responsibility given by our status as a public benefit association. Under the auspices of our President, 6.5 million masks were produced rapidly with the participation of our volunteer members to be distributed to our citizens over the age of 65 upon the assignment of our Ministry of Industry to our association. During the period of production, factories were closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdowns were imposed. The factories of our volunteer members were opened for mask production, hygienic production environments were prepared and the masks were mass-produced and donated to our state.

Barco Tekstil, Genç Tekstil, Reha Tekstil, Dinateks, ATT Tekstil, European Tshirt Factory, Penti, SMM Tekstil, Evteks, Suglobal Tekstil, Pameks Clothing, Edsa Tekstil, Gürmen Group, Tayeks Tekstil, Galata Transport, Alara Tekstil, Onur Tekstil, Ozan Örme, HY Konfeksiyon, Gizia, Gelişim Tekstil, Narkonteks, Domino Tekstil, Mehtap Elaidi, Fatto Giyim, Timay & Tempo, Murat Çorap, Mavi, Bergo, TYH Tekstil, Aycem Tekstil and Perseus.



On 27 December 2014, in the "Qualified Producer Certification System", which came to the fore in the workshop held in Izmir with the Aegean Exporters' Association and which was subsequently projected, it is proposed to establish a certification system for companies that are qualified producers in the ready-to-wear and apparel industry, to certify companies by dividing them into categories with selected criteria, and to subject them to distinctive, privileged, prioritised and incentive practices in the country based on these certificates. At the same time, this certificate should also be turned into a "voluntary" document showing that the minimum social standards are met before foreign buyers. The system should work on a voluntary basis, and companies that wish to benefit from this certification system. Our report prepared for the Qualified Industrialist has been submitted to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry continues its examination.