TGSD’s core activities are focused around…

Promoting  and Strengthening Turkish Apparel Sector

As TGSD, we are working determinedly to ensure that the Turkish apparel industry is more recognized and strengthened internationally. We aim to contribute to the development and growth of the Turkish clothing industry by emphasizing its importance, rich heritage and competitive position in the global market on national and international platforms. In line with this mission, we establish strategic collaborations to ensure the sustainable growth of the sector and increase Turkey's global competitiveness. We are working hard to adapt to technological, economic and social changes and build a sustainable future.

Helping Turkish apparel companies to build business in the global market

We organize the annual Istanbul Apparel Conference since 2007 in order to ensure that our members are aware of the economic, technological, demographic and legal changes that will shape the future of the sector in the world. Every year, over 40 local and foreign leaders and experts in their field deliver speeches to an audience consisting of more than 1.000 in-person participants.

TGSD also organizes B2B Bilateral Business Meetings where manufacturers establish international business connections and discover new business opportunities in export markets. As the organization with the largest network in the textile and apparel industry in Türkiye, we bring together all representatives of the supply chain and hold vision meetings and workshops.

In addition, we organize various webinars to increase the productivity and operational efficiency of manufacturers and share best practices We inform our members about the latest legal and financial regulations in both local and export markets. We organize panels to listen to next purchasing practices from global buyers.

We share local and global news with TGSD members every morning to inform them about the latest trends in the sector.

We create a strong network to increase our members' business volume both between themselves and with global buyers, and we are proud to support their growth and success in the sector. We encourage our members to participate in events such as meetings with international trade delegations and sectoral fairs in order to increase their business volume as well as global competitiveness of Türkiye.

.Prioritizing Sustainability, R&D and innovation

TGSD works to ensure that our members stay competitive in global markets by strengthening their innovative power, by adopting digital technologies for improved efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

We guide our members to adopt sustainable production methods and use environmentally friendly materials.

We produce projects and publish guides within the Sustainability Working Group and Young TGSD Platform.

We share information as well as success stories with our members through webinars and panels.

Supporting Skills and Training

We attach great importance to the continuity of the development of the managers and employees of our member companies in order to make our sector further develop and grow, become more innovative and more competitive. We believe in the importance of having a qualified workforce for the future of our industry, and creating sustainable institutions and agile organizations in line with the changing industry dynamics.

We have established TGSD Academy to provide our members and the employees of our member companies with the knowledge and competencies needed for the present and future of the sector.

We support vocational training programs and university-industry collaborations to shape the future workforce and ensure the long-term success of our industry. In this way, we contribute to the training of a qualified workforce suitable for the needs of our sector.

Empowering Our Members for the Future

We shed light on the future so that our members can stay resilient manufacturers in the future, in line with global trends, changes in the global and local economy, and the changing behavioral patterns and needs of our customers.

As a member of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX) and Textile Exchange, TGSD closely follow consumer behavior, demands and legislative changes in our export markets and therefore, share the developments with our members.

By taking an active role in working groups and committees of international organizations, we express our opinions during the creation of legislation as a result of which the Turkish apparel industry maintains its international competitiveness.

First published in 2003, the series of studies called UFUK (HORIZON) sheds light on the future of the sector and sets the long-term road map for the Turkish apparel industry.

We conduct various research and analysis activities to observe market trends and consumer behavior and predict future demands.

We encourage our industry to fulfil its environmental and social responsibilities and we raise awareness of our members about environmentally friendly production methods and materials.

We closely follow technological trends such as digitalization and artificial intelligence, and inform our members about future opportunities.

Providing Network

We create a strong network and encourage collaboration among our members.

We organize various events such as after-work social events called “BİZ TGSD”, sectoral meetings, webinars, panels, seminars and the international Istanbul Apparel Conference to provide networking among members. In this way, we enable our members to come together with all representatives of the supply chain, share knowledge and experience, and create cooperation opportunities among themselves.