Become a TGSD member

TGSD (Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association) was founded in 1976 and currently has over 400 members that account for over 60% of Türkiye’s apparel exports to overseas. Of the 36,000 apparel manufacturers in Türkiye, 17,000 are exporters. Representing the entire value chain of the sector, TGSD is the largest network of textile and apparel industry.

TGSD Members can participate in many events of the Association such as

  • "Future Purchasing Strategies and Expectations Panel", an annual event where purchasing offices and brands share their purchasing strategies and future expectations with each other.
  • “Istanbul Apparel Conference”, the largest and only international conference of the sector.
  • “TGSD Talks” and “TGSD Round Table” meetings to discuss the most current and important topics on the agenda and issues of the sector.
  • “TGSD Happy Hour” meetings bring together the leading senior executives of the industry in a social gathering.

In addition to these events, members have access to the following:

  • Daily newsletter about local and international press.
  • Monthly bulletin on the economies of Türkiye and countries that the industry export to.


Annual membership fee for year 2024 is 15,000.- TL. The membership procedure is set out in Article 5 of our Bylaws.

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