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My dear colleague,

We all have our own indispensables. Just like the ready-made clothing and apparel industry is for the Turkish economy. Our sector ranks in the first or second place in terms of production, employment, export volumes, and net export revenues.

There are 36,000 companies in Turkey that define themselves as “ready-maders.” We see that these firms, which have nearly half a million employees on their payroll, produced $40 billion worth of ready-made clothing and apparels in 2018. According to the latest figures, we are the world’s fifth and Europe’s third-largest ready-made clothing supplier.

We are among the leading industries in value-added exports, net foreign exchange earnings, production volumes, and employment. Among the value-added industries, we rank third with export revenue of $15 per kilogram. While we closed 2018 with $17.6 billion in exports, we earned $15 billion worth of foreign currency for our country.

I can proudly say that our TGSD members accounted for the lion’s share of this $17.6 billion worth of ready-to-wear clothing and apparel exports. The 400 members, who represent every walk of the value chain under the TGSD roof, accounted for a big portion of the total export volume. Our current board members alone export nearly $1 billion worth of ready-made clothing every year.

The 43-year-old Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (TGSD) shoulders the responsibility of being the first and most ambitious NGOs of this great industry.

We aim to:

  • Manufacture and export high value-added products,
  • Establish and maintain a strong dialogue with target markets, especially with the EU,
  • Innovate and develop new technologies, and
  • Promote the adoption and understanding of sustainability.

At the TGSD, we strive to capitalize on our strengths in such areas of development and to introduce projects that will benefit all our members. We will ensure that each and every member feels TGSD’s presence and support as they grow, develop, continue branding and pass through the technological development stages.

The Turkish ready-made clothing industry is a global brand. Today, Turkey’s ready-made clothing industry has become “indispensable” because of the invaluable efforts of TGSD members.

To sustain our “indispensable” role and, more importantly, for the welfare of our country and children, we must continue to run our existing plants and build new ones at the same time. In line with this principle, we always work closely with the political leadership of our country, as we have since our first day of operations. I hope that our cooperation will grow further under the new governance system and that the stability required for investment will prevail in the markets. I believe fast, efficient decision-making will solve our industry’s problems, and help us achieve our targets much sooner.

I will now leave you with these thoughts and feelings and wish all members and stakeholders success and blessings in their work.




Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (TGSD)