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Dear Members,

As Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association, during our 45 yearlong journey, we carried out various projects and pioneered many firsts within the industry. During our 23rd Regular General Assembly on April 1st 2021, we were proud to break new ground once more. Our Management Board gathered after the General Assembly and decided to manage the new era with a “Joint Presidency System” in order to defend our industry’s interests more efficiently both locally and internationally and to increase the solidarity, synergy and union of forces within the industry during the pandemic. We would like to thank all of you for your support on duties and responsibilities of TGSD Presidency in this hard times which forced our industry to face difficult problems.

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association supports its industry with a global awareness in respect of its establishment purpose and philosophy. On top of our global awareness list, we have respecting an individual’s efforts without making gender discrimination. We are proud to apply this principle of gender equality with our “Joint Presidency System”. This system is a first in our country and we believe that this system will become an example and a source of inspiration for other various industry NGOs.

Global manufacturing and trade is going through a radiant transformation. The fundamental dynamics of manufacturing and trade in this new era are “digitalization”, “sustainability” and “environmentally friendly manufacturing”. As Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association, we have been working on these issues, which are now critically important due to the pandemic, for many years. We are trying to raise awareness on these issues with special sessions we host at our industry’s prestigious event the Istanbul Fashion Conference. We know that we have to focus even more on these issues in the new era.

Many of the global brands, which are our business partners, will start to get their supplies gradually from “sustainable” sources. 70% of our apparel export is to the European Union and they announced their net-zero carbon goal within EU borders in 2050 with “the European Green Deal”. When we look at these issues with all the facts we have, we see that “digitalization”, “sustainability” and “environmentally friendly manufacturing” are not preferences, they are necessities.

Turkish ready-made clothing industry has its advantages in these areas when compared to other countries. In this new era, one of our priorities will be transforming our advantages into opportunities by raising awareness to the top level within the industry.

Parallel to the change in the global supply chain, Europe-based brands’ search to supply their needs from closer regions is creating valuable opportunities for our industry. On the other hand, US market, which has a potential of 100 billion dollar worth annual import, is promising a great potential for our industry. By taking the potential demands for the next era in consideration, we need to move fast and increase our current manufacturing capacity which had 86% occupancy before the pandemic. We have to renew our technological infrastructure in our existing facilities swiftly while building new factories. These investments will increase value-added manufacturing and export and will generate employment. That’s why, it is very important for us to have the support of our government. We closely follow the incentive mechanisms relevant to your needs and your expectations, demands and suggestions in these areas which will develop our industry, in the presence of public authority.

Our ready-made clothing industry dissociates from its competitors with its design power, unique collections, fast fashion capacity and its quality. In this new era, another one of our priorities will be promoting the power and potential of our industry more efficiently especially in Europe and US. While we are working on our goal of becoming a 65 billion dollar industry and carrying out 25 billion dollars of export, your solidarity will be our biggest source of motivation and your opinions and suggestions will be our guide. We would like to once again thank you for your prospective support.


Ramazan KAYA                                                                Sanem DİKMEN
23. Period Co Chair                                                        23. Period Co Chair